In October 2000, the Association for Energy Coordination was established, aiming both to investigate the effect of electromagnetic fields on living organisms and to disseminate pioneering practice. Along with human balance, prognosis and diagnosis, hundreds of studies, many of which under the auspices of the University of Ioannina, Department of Physiology, were conducted by 2006.

The encouraging results triggered new, complex research to determine both the correlation of exposure time with the benefits of electromagnetic fields and the technical requirements.

Until then, the electromagnetic wave emitters were more than fifteen square meters in size, making them unusable. The only way for a patient to follow a program of beneficial exposure to electromagnetic waves was to visit the club's premises at regular intervals, something that was not feasible to all concerned.

In 2011, one of the founding members of the Association, Mr. Béligiannis Christodoulos, envisioned the availability of this technology to the entire public. He founded the BCL Electromagnetics manufacturing and trading company based in Chalkida, and with the help of a wealth of scientists, the SPE FR600, an innovative electromagnetic wave generation and emission device, was developed and built to the size of a computer. Now, the radical technology was at the disposal of everyone.

Today, BCL manufactures and markets the SPE FR600 Elite, the size of one suitcase and 90% stronger than the previous models. With the sales network extending to Greece, Cyprus, England, Germany, China, the United States and South Africa, BCL is still at the beginning.

Our future goals include:

  • Expand the palette of covered diseases
  • Increase success rates in already covered conditions
  • Reduce the device until it is in mobile phone size

Undoubtedly scientific research will continue unceasingly, as the practical uses of exposure to electromagnetic radiation have not yet revealed their full range. BCL, purely Greek and present in all developments in the industry, is in the privileged position to offer the fruits of science to the general public.